Episode 15 – 25 May 2022

Bob was out tonight, so Cookie filled in which was great because we started with 20 teams! Eighteen teams finished but only three could enter the winners circle.
Congrats to Lunch Lady Fantasy who maintained a one-point lead over Wait…What? to capture first place. We had a three way tie for third between The Team Next To Us Cheats, Green Wave and a Swig and a Miss. TTNYUC guessed the closest without going over “what’s the runtime for the longest Star Wars movie” (Last Jedi runs 152 minutes) with 147 – everyone else went over by guessing in the 160s.
Top prize was a $30 gift certificate to Glenbrook Brewery and a Sparky Lyle autographed flight bat with glasses and 4 tickets to see Somerset Patriots Baseball .
If you missed this week’s game in person, you can catch an audio replay posted Thursday night (usually) on our website (link in bio) or in your favorite podcast client.
Jeff is out of town on business next week, so Cookie is back with Bob next Wednesday for more thinking while you’re drinking.