Episode 20 – 2023-06-28 – NJ Trivia with Mike Ham of Greetings from the Garden State

What a year it’s been!!

NJ cracked down on breweries hosting events, so we took some time off but we’re back at Glenbrook Brewery for our Second Anniversary show which is all about NEW JERSEY and we were thrilled to have Mike Ham from the Greetings from the Garden State podcast  cohosting along with us.  Just Jersey was also in the house with a pop-up shop and an awesome first prize!

We had bonus questions in every round and a competitive game!  Play along in your car, boat, bus or RV!

Twenty-three teams travelled from Margate to Edgewater accepting questions about Lucy the Elephant, Cop Land, shopping malls, concert halls, ivy walls and “…the Cruisers for the nasty stuff.”

Lunch Lady Disco Fries had a perfect Round 5 to clinch first place with 59 points as well as providing us with some primo answer sheet art.

There was a tie between The Amboys Are Back in Town and Uncle Tom’s River, and TAABIT guessed closest to the number of episodes of Greetings from the Garden State (86 so far!) to break the tie and come in second with 57 points to UTR’s 56.

See you around!