About Our Game

What makes Best Men Trivia so special? We think it’s our game format and our presentation – 5 rounds of 8 questions each, with the last round being a penalty round. Traditionally, Round Two is our “Connection Round” where all the answers in the round have something in common, connecting them to each other. (The questions are unrelated to the theme.)


  • Four Rounds of 8 Questions worth 1 point each
  • Some bonus questions, traditionally in even numbered rounds
  • Occasionally there will be a handout round between rounds 2 and 3.
  • To keep this a balanced competition, teams with more than 8 players play in exhibition; not eligible for prizes. Large teams are encouraged to split up into smaller teams to stay in the money.
  • Fifth Round is the 8 QUESTION PENALTY ROUND! 
    • Correct Answers: +3 points
    • Wrong Answers: -2 points
    • No answers: 0 Points
  • Bring Your Sheets Up When The Round is Over

Traditional Rounds

Our first round is made up exclusively of Multiple Choice questions to help get teams warmed up. Subsequent rounds have a mixture of open ended and multiple choice questions.

Sometimes there are visual questions:

Connection Round

The connection round asks 8 varied questions with answers that all have a common theme:

The Handout Round

The Handout Round is a separate piece of paper with a series of questions for the team to put their heads together to puzzle out.

Here’s a sample from our end of year game:


Between rounds while we score, we offer little brain teasers to help pass the time.

Bonus Questions

Our bonus questions are usually tied to the question preceding:


We display scores after every round, and after rounds 3 and 4 we also display game standings so teams know where they stand and how aggressively or conservatively they should play Round 5.